Australian Rally History

by Tom Snooks
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1998 Playstation Round Australia Rally


Winners of the PlayStation Round Australia Rally, Bruce Garland and Harry Suzuki, Holden Jackeroo.

The PlayStation Round Australia Rally started in Adelaide on 6 September, 1998.

The event travelled the perimeter of the nation with competitors contesting 76 special stages, totalling 3,900 kilometres, or 21 percent of the total 18,300 kilometres, before finishing in Adelaide 22 days later.  

Tom Snooks was the Executive Officer of the 1998 PlayStation Rally.  

Michael Guest and jason Walk, Subaru Impreza, pictured early in the event.  

Peter Brock & Wayne Webster, Holden Jackeroo

Peter Brock and Wayne Webster finished 2nd outright in their production Holden jackeroo. 

Video of the 1998 PlayStation Round Australia Rally.  (1hr 27 min)

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