Australian Rally History

by Tom Snooks
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Total Oil Economy Run


1976 to 1980

Conducted under the auspices of CAMS

Tom Snooks was the Event Coordinator of the TOTAL Oil Economy Runs conducted between 1976 and 1980, over a four day course around Sydney and then from that city to Melbourne. 

The Run developed out of an economy run conducted by a CAMS Car Club in Newcastle in 1975, which TOTAL Oil sponsored. In the wake of the 1973 ‘oil shock’ TOTAL saw the potential for conducting a well organised national economy run. Tom Snooks was heavily involved in the TOTAL Oil Southern Cross International Rally, and TOTAL seconded him to organise the TOTAL Oil Economy Run.

This history, based on the last of the Runs (1980), is compiled from records from that event. Not many people, other than those who participated in it, are aware of the size of the Run and the precision with which it had to be conducted, for it was of utmost importance that the results from the Run had integrity. Such was the interest in the event, the NRMA, RACV, DOT and MTA all contributed to its organisation.

The details are recorded for their historical value.

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Total Oil Economy Run