Australian Rally History

by Tom Snooks
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Reflection on Kenneth Roddam

Died 3 December 2009

Like many people I was shocked at the news of the sudden passing of Ken, as it was only a few weeks prior,

at the Alpine Rally, where we met and once again reminisced some of our times together.


His passing left me with a deep, deep feeling of great loss.


Ken was a special person for me. We spent so much time together latish in both our lives, from 1993, when we

came together because of Targa Tasmania.


I saw him develop, with mentoring from Herby Burgess, from being an official helping on a stage, to Stage

Commander, to Deputy Area Coordinator, Area Coordinator, and then under my guidance, Operations

Manager, Deputy Clerk of Course, and then to the top of the tree as Clerk of Course of the biggest road event

conducted on a regular basis in Australia.


Very few of those not close to Ken will ever understand the tremendous contribution he made to Targa

Tasmania, the great work ethic he put into the event, the depth of thinking that went into the roles he took on

(particularly in the latter years), and the willingness he displayed to ‘get the job done’.


Living on the mainland and visiting Tasmania monthly, my role as Clerk of Course, and as a person deeply

involved with the development of Targa Tasmania, was so much strengthened by my association with Ken.


In fact, in the years after 2000, until I retired at the end the 2003 event, he literally took over the key role of

running, and further developing the all-important side of the event – that of conducting it safely on the road.

It is not possible for me to convey to others the wonderful times we had together travelling around Tasmania

so many times; the getting together to discuss difficult, and no-so-difficult, issues that arose on many

occasions, and the exchange of pleasant moments such as attending dinners and functions  together.


Then, after I retired from Tasmania, he participated in many events that I was associated with on the mainland,

and indeed quite a few prior to my retirement from Targa Tasmania – the Australian Safari, Classic Adelaide,

Grand Prix Rallies, Great Ocean Road Rally, Red Centre to Gold Coast Trial (the accompanying photographs

are from this event), Outback Classic Trials, Bega Valley Rally, et al.


I always sought him to join me …… he always came if he possibly could …… he always carried out his various

roles with dedication and expertise. Ken was also a person that did whatever you asked him to do, agreeing

with me that amongst the list of duties for any role is the all-important ‘Other Duties As Directed’, no matter

what the appointed role is.


I know he could be a feisty bugger, and at times this rubbed people, but HE GOT THE JOB DONE! However, I

can say that never, never ever did Ken and I have angry words nor annoy each other – not that I knew anyway

– despite the many, many days and nights we were together.


All Tasmanian motorsport participants, and in particular sons Jason and Nathan, can be very proud of Ken,

for, within motorsport, he contributed much more than most people did ……… do ……… or will do.


I will never forget him, and I am indeed very fortunate for having known him, and known him so well.

A great shot of Ken out from Alice Springs – by Garry Searle

We had many a laugh at Ken’s method of keeping the flies away!!