Australian Rally History

by Tom Snooks
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History of the Australian Rally Championship – review by Bob Watson

This book is a faithful and well-informed history of the Australian Rally Championship from its inception in 1968 up until the introduction of the highly technical turbocharged four wheel drive rally cars that changed the face of rallying in the late 1980s. It is a span of 20 years which Snooks describes as the “Golden Age of Australian Rallying”.

The way the events are written up with progressive results and competitor incidents, as well as the vehicle eligibility issues being well explained, all maintain the interest of the reader, who will be a rally enthusiast.

Through individual descriptions of every event in that period, the reader can follow the development of normally aspirated two wheel drive rally cars through from an unsophisticated beginning in the late 1960’s to the thrilling battles waged by the factory backed highly developed Ford Escorts and Nissan 710s and Stanzas that represented the pinnacle of that type of rally car.

As a competitor in Tom’s Golden Era, I found the book a fascinating read and a must-have reference tool. Results, highlights, everything is there, nothing is missing.

Well organised Mr Snooks!

Bob Watson
1970 Australian Rally Champion