Australian Rally History

by Tom Snooks
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The 1986 Wynn’s Safari

Allan Cunynghame on the Yamaha XT660 – 1st Outright Moto

The second Wynn’s Safari was as promised by the organisers – rough, tough and agonizing – with 61 auto finishers out of the 137 starters (45%), and only eight moto finishers from 55 starters (15%). That it was so hard had much to do with Stewart McLeod, appointed as Road Director. He was the Promoter of the highly successful 1979 Repco Round Australia Reliability Trial and from setting that event knew the Australian Outback well from a rally course point of view.

It was tough. Too tough in some respects and the organisers of any future such event would now be faced with deciding which way to take the Safari – make it seemingly impossible or easing the pressure to make the event more achievable to finish and therefore more enjoyable for competitors.

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