Australian Rally History

by Tom Snooks
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The Southern Cross International – review by Bob Watson

This book by Tom Snooks documents the history of the Southern Cross International Rally in a very thorough and entertaining manner.

There is no one more qualified to write the story of the rally, as he was the Event Director during the great era of Total Oil sponsorship which lifted the event to a truly world class level.

Tom has combined official rally entry lists and results with accounts of the event taken from contemporary motoring magazines. The result is a fascinating read, and facts presented may settle a few questions among those who competed.

The challenge presented by the classic Southern Cross rallies will never be repeated. Fields of top International competitors, stages up to 240 kms long over superb forest roads, variable weather that on occasions reduced the number of finishers to less than ten from the seventy to eighty starters.

The Cross was always a formidable test of driver, co-driver and car – and you could add service crews too!

Tom Snooks, you have captured the essence of one of Australia’s greatest rallies with this book, and in doing so you have helped us all celebrate what was indeed the Golden Era of rallying in Australia.

Well done.
Bob Watson
SCR competitor, 1966 – 1977