Australian Rally History

by Tom Snooks
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1992 Australian Safari

FOur men standing in front of their winning nossan patrols

Auto winners are grinners! Car 101 – Andy Brown/Reg Owen and Car 105 – Andy Stott/Mark Davies, Nissan Patrol LWB

1992 Australian Safari logo

PIAA – Japan’s answer to ‘Dunhill’ and also the manufacturer of PIAA automotive lighting, sponsored the 1992 Australian Safari which, through the quirks of nature, was to become one of the toughest Safaris conducted since its inception in 1985.

In the 1992 Australian Safari the first six days saw competitive stages rerouted or, indeed, cancelled. The inclement weather affected an area from central New South Wales to the southern regions of the Northern Territory.

Whilst a problem for the Safari organisers and competitors it was greatly appreciated by the local inhabitants, with property managers and farmers grinning from ear to ear, outdoing the Safari winners on the finish podium in Darwin!!!

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1992 AUstralian SAFARI